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Janee's Online Photoshop Classes

About your Instructors

About Joanne:

Joanne taught elementary students for 28 years for the Warwick, Rhode Island school system, before recently retiring. She now teaches Computer Lab and Photoshop Elements to Kindergarten through Grade 8 students, two days a week, at a private school in Cranston, Rhode Island and finds it the perfect combination of the two things she enjoys most - computers and teaching.

Outside of class, Joanne keeps very busy! For several years now Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator and Bryce, along with photography and computerized machine embroidery, have kept her artistically busy and happy.

Joanne has also been the photographer for the local Gaspee Days Committee, creating an annual collage and slide show for their website. She is bulletin editor for St. William Church in Warwick. She has created, and maintains, a website for the school and its activities as well as a personal one through which her art and photography can be shared with anyone who wants to look. Entering Art Challenges at is something she hasn't missed since early 2003!

Joanne has a son and daughter and 4 grandchildren. It is her great pleasure during school vacations to teach the grandchildren what she knows about Photoshop!

Joanne's website:
St. Matthew School Website:

About John:

John was an aerospace engineer for over 30 years, working on projects that varied from experimental rocket airplanes (the X-15 and pre-Space Shuttle vehicles) to orbiting satellites (clients ranged from U.S. Government Agencies to private Universities). John developed his teaching skills as an Associate Professor in the Department of Astronautics and Computer Science at the U.S. Air Force Academy where he taught advanced astronautics and satellite design and control.

John retired to Phoenix, Arizona in 1999, where he and his wife are living in a retirement community. John remains very active in his community’s computer club (over 350 members), where he leads two separate groups which focus on Photoshop Elements and Quicken. John also donates his time helping individual senior citizens with their Quicken, Photoshop and general computer problems.

John with Janee in Phoenix
(John's the one not wearing yellow.)

John has been an avid photographer for years, and finally had time to learn Photoshop and Photoshop Elements after he retired to Phoenix. He has taken many online courses in Photoshop and enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people. He has a daughter, son, and two grandchildren. He and his wife own a toy poodle named Peanut.

John's website

Janee at her RV computerAbout Janee:

I have worked with Photoshop since the turn of the millenium, both in teaching and freelance projects for clients. I am an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop CS and CS2, and have taught image-editing with Adobe software online for several years, through my tutorials at, through my online Art Challenge, at online schools, and in newsgroups and forums.

I've taught in the classroom, working with students as they learn high school math, and helping fellow teachers in designing curriculum and innovative lessons.

In addition to all of your class materials, I have written chapters for two Photoshop books and two Elements books, all now out of print, but available still on Amazon (search "Janee Photoshop" at Amazon, and you'll find them!). I have contributed to several other PS books, written for SBS Digital Design and Photoshop User magazine, and, for a year and a half, was the Q&A columnist for Digital Photography Effects magazine, published in the UK by Future Publishing.

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