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U July 1

Epson NH

Happy Canada Day!

Today was a day of driving. We left our unlovely campsite (pictured again at right) in Woodstock NB before 8am and headed down I-95. As we drove on, the day became cloudier. 


our camping "site" at Woodstock NB Jellystone Camp "Resort"

Our goal was to get to Kittery by lunchtime so that we could indulge ourselves in some of that Bob's Clam Hut food again. We also wanted to lay in some more supply of Moose Munch from Harry & David. (Hey, everyone needs to have a goal, right?)


Cheeze-its tided us over till we got there. We found a great parking space for RV's and other big rigs behind the center just north of the Maine Outlet, behind it. We walked to the Clam Hut. Michael got clams and I got scallops and we split them. We shared the shade with a nice couple from near Hartford CT. It turned out that he is a ham too!


  Michael and our new friends at the Clam Hut in Kittery ME  Janee feeling all "full tummy good" after leaving Bob's Clam Hut

As we did our errands in Kittery, the sky quickened our step; it was evident that we were soon to have rain. 

It held off till we were on the road again, heading up the picturesque 2-lane highway 4 through the countryside of New Hampshire. I was particularly enchanted by the little town of Northwood NH, lined with beautiful old restored homes  which housed the town's businesses -- antique shops, art and craft stores, but mainly antiques! We did not stop, but I want to go back thered sometime when there is more time. 

We reached our campground here at Circle 9 Ranch in Epson NH. It is pouring as i write this. In the rain, everyplace looks pretty bad, but even so, I can tell that this would be a pretty place in good weather. The sites are pretty small, but that is just the way it is in the East, it seems.

The sites are small, and everyone has to have a campfire. Since i hate fire and the smoke gives me asthma, I've never been enchanted by this aspect of camping. I wish that there were "no fire" campgrounds" or that there would be some anti-pollution measure passed to protect people like me.

M July 2

Verona, NY

We awoke early on this very cool morning in Epson NH and I got this picture of Michael unhooking and of me doing the morning dishes.

Michael unhooking the water at our campground in Epson NH  Janee doing dishes at Epson NH

   a babbling brook along which we drove on Hwy 4 through the Green Mountains of Vermont  

There were several narrow bridges and many winding curves along our route through the Green Mountains of VT

We passed by many picturesque farms along the NY thruway


We had lunch at this "Service Area" along the NY thruway.

Our route took us across southern New Hampshire and Vermont, right through the Green Mountains. It was a beautiful drive, but a difficult one, punctuated by many winding turns and ups and downs. 


I really like this kind of driving because it is more interesting than interstate, but Michael really doesn't like driving this kind of road, so I always end up doing most of this driving. It is fine most of the time, but today I went from 8 till 1:30 without much of a break at all, just time to get gas, because we couldn't find anyplace in any of the quaint towns we passed through in which to park. 

I particularly liked the little town of Bennington VT and think that would be a most interesting place to visit someday.

The result is that when we finally got onto the NY thruway and found a Service Area, it was a sight for sore eyes! We got the "all you can eat" buffet at Big Boy. (Our lunch was free because i found a bug in the rice. I thought it was just a black bit of rice, but it had LEGS. <g>)

Our camp for the night is at a little town called Verona, near Oneida and just east of Syracuse NY. It is a campground run in conjunction with the Indian casino The Villages of Turning Stone, and it is really beautiful! We walked around the campground and took these photos at the right along one of the nature trails.

Janee stopping to smell the milkweed.  along the walking path around one of the ponds at our campground at Turning Point Villages  the boating pond at our camp at Turning Point Villages

Turning Stone Casino  Janee's dinner  Michael and Janee enjoying our dinner at Turnstone Village

After we got settled into our campsite, we unhooked our toad and drove over to the casino. The campground had given us some coupons for some free gaming and so we took full advantage of them, walking away with a full $14.75 in winnings from the slots and Keno. 

We also used the coupons afforded us toward our meal and got our free ice cream. We figured that our camping was almost free. 


T July 3

Verona, NY

Perfect day for laundry and cleaning the rig and this is how we started the day today. The laundry here was clean and bright and well-equipped, though we thought that it could have had more machines. It had 4 washers and 4 dryers, which was a sufficient number for me, but there were 5 ladies waiting with their laundry after I started mine. :)

After the laundry and Michael's cleaning of the inside of the rig, we both collapsed simultaneously into a 2 hour nap. I mean we slept and dreamed the sleep of two who NEEDed it.

Next, it was time to go and do the casino thing again. We took our coupons and drove to the casino in our car. I proceeded to lose my $10 in free gambling in the slots. 

Then we had dinner at a nice restaurant there where we both ordered the ribs and garlic mashed potatoes. We agreed that the ribs were not as good as midwestern ribs, but they were still ok and we enjoyed our dinner.

After dinner, we played Keno with our half-price tickets and we both lost. Michael played his $10 in the slots next and won $18 overall! We cashed out, feeling wealthy indeed, and then got our free ice cream at Crystal's (I got chocolate peanut butter again and Michael got strawberry.)

We ate outside by the fountain and watched the sunset as we reflectedd on all the fun we have had so far on this trip. :)


W July 4

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th! We spent this day driving, driving, and driving. :P We spent a week in Meadville PA today trying to find this campground, but just getting parked made it worthwhile.   

This morning, when we were close to Syracuse, we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some edible souvenirs of this area.

Genesee  Adirondack maple syrup  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauce

On the way here, we stopped at a rest stop right after Rochester NY and took these pictures at the right.

Michael  at the rest stop  Janee at the rest stop

R July 5

There was no time for photos today. All we did was DRIVE! We really had no intention of driving all the way HOME today, but that is what we did. 

We stopped for gas 3 times and had lunch in a rest stop. We had an early supper at Cracker Barrel just east of Indianapolis, and then got home at about 6:00. 

We will just unpack a few things and then relax.

F July 6

Ok, we are officially HOME. It was great to see a few of my friends online last night and i'm getting really psyched about getting back into my work.


Michael sorted out our piles of mail and newspapers. Here is the result. <g>

Junk mail!  a month's worth of newspapers

Whenever we get junk mail that has a Business Reply Mail envelope (postage paid by the company), he likes to "reply" to them. Here he is sending Christmas cards to the companies that sent us business reply mail. The cards were advertisements we got from another company. He figures that everyone wins. The post office gets revenue, we get rid of our junk mail, and the companies get Christmas cards! 


a treat for the mass mailers!

Anyway, it is always good to be home! Thank you for joining us on our trip and we will look forward to seeing you on the rest of the site, in email, or on ICQ! :)

Always me, 


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