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2003 February trip to L.A.
Wed, 19 Feb 2003

Photoshop World! It's here! Becky drove us to our hotel, right in the heart of downtown L.A., the Figueroa. At first, its funky Moroccan decor threw us. Red walls and cushions to sit on ... kinda odd, but how can you not like a place when they have hash pipes at the registration desk? We ended up loving the hotel, both for its comfort and quiet, but also for its friendly people and its proximity to the Convention Center!

Ok. Whenever people get together we need ... group shots! Every imaginable permutation of people must pose together. Al Ward (of ActionFX), Colin Smith (of PhotoshopCafe), Dave Cross (who works for NAPP now), and Luke Harvey (of Friends of ED) posed for these. Luke is the editor with whom i've been working for my past 2 books. Al, Colin, Dave, and I have all written various books for Friends of ED. That's the connection. ;)

On the last day of the convention, we all ate together at the California Pizza Kitchen. Well... all but Dave, who was busy presenting a talk on Al's actions! Al and I got there for the last part, just in time to see Dave plug Al's site.

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