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Stuck in someone else's frames? Break free!

C. Burned Edge Tutorial 3: 
No edge on picture

If you want your photo itself to be burned, with no matting involved, here is how to do that.

Burning the actual edges of the picture, with no mat.

For this effect, to burn the actual picture, not putting any other edge on it, here is how to do that. 
   a. Use your lasso and your shaky hand to go around the border of the actual picture. Select -> inverse and hit the delete key.  Deselect.   
draw a jagged edge around inside the edge of the picture using your lasso.
b. Use your burn tool (the little hand that is under the dodge tool) and go around the edges, making it pretty dark, but not taking out all of the color. You have to make repeated strokes; just going back and forth won't make it any darker. 
c. Make a new layer by pushing the new layer icon on the layers palette. On this layer using a 10 pixel or so  paintbrush and black, trace around the outside of your picture. Leave no space between the burned picture and the black ash that you are adding. 
   d. Now you want the edge between the black that you just added and the "burn" that you did in (b) to be blurred, so Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian blur with a setting of about 3. 

e. With your eraser, an unsoft brush and a shaky hand, clean up the blur around the outside of the black.  All done!

Always me, Janee

Other Edge Options

Burned edge on the same photo but withouth the montage effect.
Burned edge done!
B. Montage Edge

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