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Photo Retouching

I do lots of work on my everyday photos, just to make them ok to show you. Hey.. it's what i get from being such a hack at photography, i guess. I HAVE to be good at Photoshop!

Lit up the alley, finished the door, fixed perspective with cropping < Here, the task was to light up this "secret passageway," making an interesting photo out of ... something less interesting.
fruitstand < Levels, curves, and a little hue/saturation kick helped this fruitstand.
For this photo, I took the base photo A and exchanged Angie's head from B. (Tutorial on head-switching)

Then some lighting fixes with curves and a bit of color added to Michelle's over-lit face on a separate layer put into Color mode. >

new baby
fairfood.jpg (56512 bytes) < This photo, which I took, <g> is a textbook example of poor composition. When you click to see the large example, and it is well worth the little wait, check out the plant. 

Eye reflections can really spoil a photo! >

See the tutorial i did on fixing demonic pet eyes.

demon-eyes can really wreck a photo!
Click to see enlarged.

< I did a lot of work on this one. First I cleaned up some icky stuff that was on the photo and  then "patched"  a huge disfiguring scratch that cut down the middle of her face.

Finally, a year later, I learned that if i used curves to adjust the coloring, I could do even better. (This is Janee at 4 yrs old.)

For more photo retouchings, please see this link! I have more photo retouching how-tos in my tutorial collection. For much more on photo restoration and retouching, you may want to have a look at my books. I did the retouching and restoration chapters in PPT and E2MW. Message Board

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