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Janee's Online Photoshop Classes


In case you have not heard, I'm teaching Photoshop classes online! The lessons for my courses are all Janee-originals -- chock-full of the sorts of surprises you have come to expect from me! Have a look through my tutorials, and if you like my style, I hope you'll sign up for a class!

These are Message Board-based, so you complete the assignments on your own time; there's no need to be anywhere at any particular time. (We get students from all around the world, so coordinating meetings would be difficult!) 

You'll find that these classes are full of fun and useful tips and tricks to enable you to work in Photoshop faster, better, and with more creativity than ever before. So keep on reading!

What's new?

I'm always working on new classes or new ways to make my classes even better for you. In the Fall of 2006, I debuted the first part of my new Fix Your Photos class. Part B will be offered.. as soon as I have it ready for you!

Fix Your Photos is be an intermediate course in photo-fixing, beginning where the Launchpad Series ends. We'll be working on photo corrections, retouching, and restoration for YOUR photos!

I'm now also offering my classes on an independent study basis, for those of you self-starters who just can't wait till the next session begins.

What is the difference?

Teachers. At, you're going to be working with teachers -- real teachers. We are not hobbyists who are doing this "just for fun," although we do have a tremendous amount of fun doing what we do. We are certified teachers, accomplished and certified Photoshop instructors.

Upon your successful completion of the requirements of the course, you'll receive a Certificate displaying the Adobe Certified Instructor logo. Only an instructor who has passed a rigorous set of criteria can put this logo onto your Certificate.

We are not "presenters," like those you find in "seminars." We don't send you the materials and leave you to say, "Wow, how'd she do that?" Our goal is not to show off OUR work, but to see YOU make wonderful things. There are lots of people who claim to be teachers, but who don't do much real teaching.

Breaks. We're also people. We realize that you have a life, a job, a family. We know that you have holidays and you travel. So do we. We therefore give you 7 weeks to complete the 6-week class. There will be a week's break built into each of the sessions. This can give you a chance to get caught up and to catch your breath!

Schedule. Our week starts on Wednesday. This will give you a chance to get going on your lesson before the weekend. Then you can finish up after the weekend. Certainly you may work over the weekend, but the weekend won't be the busy time around here. This will leave you free to do other things.

Value. You're going to be pleased with the value offered by your class. While you may find a less expensive PS class elsewhere, you're not likely to find a better one. Besides giving you 20-25 printed pages worth of material, you'll also get many tips and tricks from us in the Message Board, and advice and tips from your fellow students. This is a lot for less than $8 a week ($45 US is the fee for a 6-week class.)

Friends. The camaraderie you'll experience in this class may well lead to your forming new alliances and friendships which can extend beyond the class. I maintain an Alumni Forum in the as a potential gathering place, once your class has ended.

No games. My classes are different in that you're not boxed in to rigorous requirements. Yes, there are certain things that you must do to get your Certificate, but you have plenty of latitude within the assignments. NEVER will we say that you can't display work that uses techniques that are beyond this week's lesson.

We won't say that something is "easy." We understand that it's NOT easy, and that's why you're in a class. Surely it's easier once you know how to do it, but till then, it's often quite difficult! These may sound like small things, but add them up, and you'll see that this is going to be a seriously fun place to take a class.

So click those links at the top of this page to read more about these Photoshop classes!

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