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Lesson 2

This week's assignment is on Exposure. We dealt with all kinds of neat stuff like aperture settings, exposure times (shutter speed) and metering. Click the images to see the larger versions where you can actually read the settings for them.

This is a shot of Showalter Fountain at Indiana University. I shot it on auto.
This is shot on aperture priority with a high f-stop of 25. I was going for high depth of field, but not sure i accomplished that. The sky did turn out bluer, though.
Here i was trying to get a little fancy. I used Shutter Priority and made the shutter slow to 1/25 of a second. This made the water look like it is flowing, but made the overall photo too light for my tastes, completely blowing out the sky. I think that this is because the aperture can't get small enough for this much light at that slow exposure.
In this shot, I used Manual - a first! I set the f-stop to 25 (small aperture) and the shutter speed to 1/15th of a second. I'm not sure why this one didn't turn out worse than it did. Shouldn't it have been brighter than the previous shot?
Got very fancy here. ;) Used Manual, set f-stop to 25 and the shutter to 1/10. I also tried spot metering, setting it on the gray building across the way. I don't know if this is good or not. I suspect not.
This is a common scene around my house, except that the window isn't usually this clean. Isn't that a very nice clean window? ;)

I took this in auto mode and it turned out with Maddy dark against the normal looking outside.

I don't think i understand this metering bit. Here I used "center weighted metering." There might be a little difference, but not much.
Here i used spot metering. It's definitely a better view of the dog, but our pretty greens outside are GONE.
Ok so i gave up and tried flash. What's with this, though? It is so dark! I was about 5.5 or 6' away. Why is this so dark?
I just couldn't help it. I used Photoshop to fix the above flash picture, just so you could see my poor long-suffering Maddy, who posed so patiently for all of these. I did thank her at least.

I'm feeling like the only one who isn't "getting it." :/

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