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Posting your Assignment

for your Photoshop class

-- Getting it on the web

If you're in one of my Photoshop classes, you will get the most out of the class if you participate actively in the class. This includes posting your work to the web so that you can get comments from your teachers and fellow students. Message Board

Even if you have never done anything on the web before this, you're going to come out of this 2-part tutorial with the confidence to do these:

  • Post images to the web
  • Post to an internet Message Board

And I'll assure you right now, after you've done this once or twice, you'll nod in agreement with me when I say that this is not as complicated as it seems here. I'm giving all the details.

I'm showing you here how to do two things. For each of the 6 weeks of class, you'll be doing both of these:

I. You're going to be posting your work to the web. In this tutorial, you can learn how to post your project images to the web in 4 different ways. You may choose ONE of these methods.

II. You'll also be posting a message in the in your Classroom Forum. This will show your classmates and teachers where to find your work. I'll show you how to do this in the second part of this tutorial.

Once you have your web account set up for posting your images, posting them and writing about them is not a long or complicated process.

Here we go:

I. Posting your project image to the web

You can do this in one of at least four ways. Click these links to see how they work:

A. Use a photo-sharing site. (usually carry ads or a fee)

B. Use your own web site. (free with your ISP pages)

C. Use a blogging site. (free)

D. Use the E-Uploads uploader from (free)

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