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Elements Tutorials from the Goddess

Note: Many of my Photoshop Tutorials will also work with Elements, with a little tweaking, especially once you have mastered the Elemask. My best tutorial for masking in Elements is my Over the Edge tutorial.

I have a few tutorials below which were written specifically FOR Elements or with special Elements instructions, and these have bold titles.


for the beginner with Photoshop. Hey, you have to start somewhere! Fun with circles and squares!
Basic Shapes

Pearly Button
Pearly Button

Show me a Sign
Show me a Sign

Remember those folded-paper snowflakes? Make 'em in your computer! 


Crayon Effect

Managing your Brushes

Have a Ball... and make one in Photoshop 7-8
Have a Ball

Photorealism... painting what you see
Photorealistic Painting
Make a Copyright Signature brush
Copyright Signature Brush

Lettering & Text Effects

The text editing in PS 6 - 8 is amazing. Explore some of what it can do!
Type Tool Tricks

Gel Text
Gel Text

Postcard Text 1
Postcard Text

Textures & Special Effects

Labeling a Bottle

Folded paper
Folded Paper

Torn Paper
Torn Paper

animations using ImageReady

Start with some gradients and combine them with PS's Blending Modes to create Amazing Gradients!
Amazing Gradients

Bulletin Board


Scan a piece of wood? Why bother? Make your own!

Working with Patterns.

Make your own wallpaper or background for your webpage! Two approaches to this.
Seamless Tiles

Seamless tilings
Seamless Tiles Too

Learn how to use patterns to create TV lines.
TV Lines

Photo Fixing & Restoring

Using the rubber stamp tool, smudge, and color correction to enhance a photo.
Retouching 1

This method, while limited, will sometimes work for red-eye in people as well. ;)
Fixing Demonic Pet Eyes

Using Adjustment Layers to correct images... and come up with some far-out effects!
Adjustment Layers

Just one way to cut a hairy subject out to put her on another background.
Remove Background

Correcting uneven lighting
Tonal Correction

Photo Art

More Edges

Over the Edge

Breaking out of a Frame
Using Filters... some Janee tips
Filter Fun
Making a photo into a painting
Photo > Painting

Make a favorite photo into a pen and inked watercolor in Photoshop.
Photo > Paint-ink

Make a Line Drawing from a photo.. 2 ways
Photo > Line Drawing

Fading images together with an Elemask
Masking in Elements

Do you have a picture that you want to show off? Mat and frame it to make it a masterpiece!

Nifty Ideas, General Topics, and Specific Tools

Saving for the Web
Saving for the web

Transparent GIFs
Transparent GIFs

This is not a tutorial; it is a tool that I made for us to use to create or measure angles. Just drag it onto your work!
Janee's Protractor

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