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Paint Brushes of PS 7 Learn how the brushes of PS 7 can simplify (or complicate) your life! Some cool inspirations here.

Heart 1 Make a heart using the dreaded PEN tool! Yes! It's time you mastered this bugger!

Heart 2 Use the freeform pen tool to do a second heart design.

Heart 3 Use alpha channels and lighting effects to make a very cool 3D heart.

Heart 4 Use Alpha channels, lighting effects, and textures to make a neat 3D heart with a gold border.

Celtic Knot Make the line crossings in this fun tutorial. Includes some links for Celtic knot sites.

Seeing Stars Making geometric stars with a protractor that I supply!

Basic Shapes Good tutorial to start with. And if you think that you know everything, you might pick up a trick here.

Red Ball Make a very convincing red rubber ball with this tutorial and your airbrush!

Seventies Trees Far out, man! Learn about how the various line tools in PS work.

Snowflakes Beautiful snowflakes for your holiday cards. This method also will work for mandalas or anything with radial symmetry. FUN stuff.

Painting like an Impressionist Use PS 7's brush jitters to paint with this soft easy effect.

Painting along a Path Make your brush strokes follow any path.

Give me a Sign This tutorial teaches you all about the shape tools of PS 6-7. Then you'll make traffic signs!

Spirals Dizzyingly beautiful spirals are at your fingertips with Photoshop!

Jet Contrails Make one that says what you want it to say!

Raindrops Use the path tool for the shape and then shade and highlight to make it look "wet!"

Transparent Capsule Shading, highlighting, and layers enable you to make this capsule that looks startlingly real!

Text Tricks Learn how to make a brush out of text, and then some fun effects to do with this brush.

Just my Type This tutorial takes you through all of the parts of the type tool, showing you how to do everything from changing color of text, making a superscript, thumbing easily through your fonts, and warping.

Antique Gold Text Class up your text with the look of antique gold!

Gel Text Looks like the real thing, and teaches you some things about selections and layers.

Jeweled Gold Text Use Alpha channels and lighting effects to make this cool jeweled text!

Linked Letter Monogram As you make this classy monogram, you will learn much about how layers work. You will also learn to make a cool 3D letter using lighting effects.

Postcard Text 1 Put pictures inside your text. This tutorial shows the "brute force" way of accomplishing this. Teaches you a lot about layers.

PC Text 2 Use a Clipping Group to make Postcard Text. Very cool stuff to know!

PC Text 3 Make Postcard text using the Paste Into method.

TV Lines Make this classic effect and learn to make patterns along the way.

Amazing Gradients Fun for a rainy day and a blank canvas! Amaze yourself with the colors!

Rainbow This fun tutorial teaches about making a custom gradient.

Rainbow 5 This fun tutorial teaches about making a custom gradient using PS version 5.5 - 6..

Patterns: Beyond TV Lines Learn more about making and using patterns.

Photorealism Drawing what we see A lesson in learning how to paint what you see.

Stitch in Time A neat technique for making a brushstroke follow the direction of your path. Learn how to make brushes and manage brush libraries.

Sunglasses Reflections Put your gf/bf's reflection in your sunglasses!

Wood Startlingly real wood effect! Three different kinds of wood!

Tilings Learn to make seamless tiles

Torn Paper You know that cool torn paper effect at Here's how it is done!

Selections and Removing Backgrounds Learn how to select anything. From simple to complex, we go through several selection methods and show when they are and are not useful.

Using Adjustment Layers Learn how to use these handy tools to improve your photos

Fixing Demonic Pet Eyes Those scary eye reflections making your pet look like he's possessed? Here's the exorcism!

Changing a Head Replace a defective head... or remove the old bf from the picture and put yourself in!

Photo Restoration I Use the Extract tool to remove an icky background and do some cleaning up of a damaged photo.

Cutting out Hair Cut a hairy subject from a background using the background eraser.

Basic Photo Retouching: Christmas Use color correction, the Clone tool and a patching method to improve a photo.

Photo Retouching 2: Taters Another color correction method, the healing tool and the patch tool fix up a photo.

Burned Edges 1 Take an unframed photo add an edge, and then burn it, with this very realistic effect!

Burned Edges 2 Make a montage edge for your photo.. then burn it!

Burned Edges 3 Burn the photo if it has no edge.

Duotone Composite Begin with a photo, and make it into a duotone composite. Nice effect!

Framing a Photo Do you have a nice picture that deserves a frame? Mat it and frame it with this tutorial. This shows you how to make a pretty mitred frame!

Sepia toning More than just sepia-toning, really. This tutorial takes a modern photo and makes it look older with levels toning, removing a goofy background.. and THEN coloring the photo with sepia.

Line Drawing from a Photo Make your photo into a Line Drawing with filters and adjustments.

Photo Composition Put some seemingly unrelated objects together. This tutorial shows combining the photos with the use of a layer mask and some other tricks!

Fading Images into One Use layer masks on several photos to blend them all into one.

Watercolor from a Photo Make a photo look like a sweet soft watercolor painting.

Pen and Inked Watercolor Pen and ink over watercolor can make a really neat picture. Learn how to do this from a photo!

Oil Painting from a Photo Use the Liquify filter and other filters to accomplish a fairly convincing oil painting effect.

Copyright Signature Brush v. 7 or v. 5.5 This is a neat thing to have in your brush collection. Sign your name and add a ©2002. Then you can stamp it onto your work with just a click!

Saving for the Web Learn the mysteries of saving your work for web use.

Fading Images Together with an Elemask What do you mean that you can't fade things together or use "masking" with Elements?! Sure you can! Here's how!

Correcting Uneven Lighting Is part of the photo too light whilst another part is too dark? Learn to solve this common problem with your photos.

Cityscape Painting Make a photo look like a convincing watercolor using multiple layers and blending modes. Warning: You won't be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing!

Action to Mark the Center Learn how to make this very handy action which marks the center of any canvas with guidelines.

Tilings 2 Seamless tilings with a rock wall

Beehive Tilings Yes! You can make a seamless tiling in a hexagonal (honeycomb) pattern!

Love your Freeform Pen Come a step closer to mastering little bugger with this tutorial.

Love your Pen: Enlarging a Logo Matchbox or Mailbox... make any graphic the right size with PS's vectors.

Folded Paper Make a convincing folded paper effect with Photoshop.

What's the Vector, Victor? Learn the difference between raster and vector graphics and why this is important! (Not as dull or complicated as it sounds!)

Using and Creating Custom Shapes Here you'll learn about using and making custom shapes, making a Shape Library, and saving your custom shapes in it.

Creating Custom Shapes II Learn to make a shape from two different shapes in this fun short tutorial.

Bursting Through Paper This cool effect will teach you things about problem-solving in Photoshop.

Using Filters in PS This tutorial shows you some of my favorite filtering tips for use with Photoshop or Elements. (Does not cover the PS CS Filter Gallery)

Porcelain Effect This tutorial guides you to making a very soft and intimate effect from a photo. Works great on kid pictures!

Keeping your Colors Safe Learn about the differences between web-safe and out-of-gamut colors & how to soft-proof your images for printing.

Animations using Photoshop & ImageReady Learn how to make, tweak, and save an optimized animation in Photoshop/ImageReady!

Wooden Expression Learn how to use a texture to give an unexpected look to a portrait!

Cropping Tips How do you crop right to the edge of your image without chopping out part of the dropshadow? Wonder no more!

Interface with Rollovers Use Photoshop and ImageReady to create an interface with Javascript rollover buttons! (6 parts)

Building a Bulletin Board in Photoshop OK admit that you've coveted the bulletin board interface! Now you can make your own! (3 parts)

Breaking out of a Frame Make it look as if part of your photo were leaving its bounds!

Adding Rays of Light Add streaming sunrays to a photo

Labeling a Bottle using the 3D Transform Filter

Over the Edge shows you how to use a Layer Mask to come up with neat edge effects!

Post-It Note shows you how to manipulate a Shape to come up with this popular effect.

Managing your Brushes Streamline your workflow with the tips and techniques in this tutorial. Chances are that you'll learn something new here!

More Edges in Elements 3 Use the Cookie Cutter tool to cut your photo into whatever shape you wish!

Crayon Effect Use a $600 image-editing program to color with crayons!

Action to make Rule of Thirds Guidelines This tutorial walks you through creating your own Action to add Rule of Thirds Guidelines to your photos.

Posting Assignments to the Web This tutorial will show you how to upload your assignments to the web and how to post to the Classroom Forum. (handiest for students in Photoshop classes)

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